Charting inclusion across the entertainment industry beyond the Academy Awards®

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Collaboration for Change

This project brings together organizations committed to inclusivity, access, and opportunity for all. As the leading global think tank studying inclusion in all areas of entertainment, the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative consistently leverages data to demonstrate where industry improvement is needed for women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, and people with disabilities. 

Adobe’s mission is to change the world through digital experiences, and in the entertainment industry, Adobe has been at the heart of connecting content, data and innovative tools that democratize creativity and shape the next generation of storytelling. Through its grantmaking to organizations and nonprofits worldwide, the Adobe Foundation aims to create a world where more people, regardless of background, can be creative and share their stories.

In 2022, the Adobe Foundation approached the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative with one question: was there a Big Idea the two groups could tackle together? There was indeed. Would it be possible to chart where there has been industry progress, represented by greater access, opportunity, and participation of people from historically marginalized groups? Could we determine who was responsible for creating change?

The Inclusion List was born.

The Inclusion List: Oscars Edition reveals the tale that Hollywood tells about itself – who the industry chooses to recognize and whether nominations for entertainment’s top awards have become more inclusive with time. Though over time comparisons may suggest to readers that much has changed, the data also reveals where gaps still exist.

It Doesn’t Stop Here.

The Inclusion List: Oscars edition offers insight into one aspect of the industry, but the list is so much more. The Inclusion List: Film Edition ranks the most inclusive theatrically-released movies and identifies top distributors and producers. The Inclusion List: Series Edition spotlights the most inclusive broadcast, cable, and streaming series as well as the people responsible for creating those series.

By sharing this data publicly, we hope to shed light on the reality of where and how inclusion has occurred and issue a reminder that it is an ongoing imperative for the film industry. Our data-driven tool allows the public to understand who has taken inclusion seriously and been a driving force for industry change. Based on clear metrics and supplemented with the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative’s industry-leading data, The Inclusion List can inform, challenge, and congratulate the entertainment industry and point out where there is room to grow.

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