A 96-year historical analysis of gender and race/ethnicity of all Academy Award nominees and winners.


Why Analyze Inclusion at the Oscars?

As one of the premiere awards for films and filmmakers, the Academy Awards® set an agenda for who and what is valued in entertainment. By looking at the nominees and winners across categories and by year, we can see whether the awards are responsive to how its audience is changing and whether the awards have become more inclusive in who they recognize over time. Our analysis begins with the first Academy Awards® in 1929 and continues throughout each year to include nominees in 2024. This 96-year analysis focuses on feature films and reveals what’s changed– and what still needs to change.

What’s New for 2024

The site has been updated with the nominees for this year as well as winners from last year. Additionally, the site now offers insights into how many people have received multiple nominations overall and by category. This provides a spotlight on how often the Academy Awards® recognize individuals and how the awards may promote career sustainability and notoriety for nominees.


Gender and Race/Ethnicity Analysis by Category


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The aim of this website is more than just informational. While we desire that journalists, film executives, critics, students, and other industry professionals will utilize the findings on this site, we also want change. As a consumer of film, your voice matters.

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