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2023 Oscars Inclusion List Poll
As a part of the Inclusion List: Oscars® Edition, we launched a poll to understand who audiences voted for in 2023’s Oscars®. The poll accepted responses from March 1st, 2023 up until the start of the Oscars® on March 12th, 2023. A total of 255 people participated in the poll. In addition to gathering information on who audiences think should win each category, we also collected demographic information from our poll participants. Some participants did not answer every question, or provided answers outside the categories presented below. Missing cases were excluded.
  • Of the participants, 32% identified as male, 57% identified as female, 9% identified as non-binary, and 1% preferred not to answer.
  • For race/ethnicity information, 39% were White/Caucasian, 14% were Hispanic/Latino, 9% were Black/African American, 30% were Asian or Pacific Islander, 1% were Middle Eastern or North African, 7% were Multiracial/Multiethnic, and <1% identified as Other.
  • The majority (64%) were 18-24 years old, while 26% were 25-44, and 9% were 45 or older.
  • 32% of participants stated that they work in the film industry.
  • Below, we display a photo of the real winner of the Oscars®. However, the rest of the data show the percentage of users that voted for each nominee by each category in our poll.



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